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Binocular Football (Goggle Football)

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Binocular Football / Goggle Football – The funniest version of football

Bournemouth  |  Brighton  |  Bristol  |  Cardiff  |  Edinburgh  |  Liverpool  |  London  |  Southampton  |  Newcastle  |  Newquay  |  Nottingham  |  More Cities

Binocular Football, or Goggle Football, however you call it, is one of the best events you can plan for a stag weekends. It is also a good game for team building process. We take out the boring and mundane  out of football and throw you in amongst the fun and hilarity of Binocular football. Goggle Football is as hilarious as it looks! The game is played by all ages and makes a fine addition to any stag weekend or Stag party! Binocular football / Goggle football is available nationwide and is definately something to be played by the fearless and the crazy.


Goggle Football Stag Weekend

Google football dresses you up in specially designed goggles that have a binocular effect on your surrounding. Wearing a crazy set of goggle that will embolden your field of vision, you will find your depth perception gone! Due to the low visibility, the ball will seem 10 times further away or closer to your and you will be kicking air all the time. There is nothing funnier than watching a team of men kicking for a football that isn't there with the odd person falling over. The bewildered look on the players’ faces as they take fresh air kick after fresh air kick is priceless. The addition of a simple thing – goggle football makes this one of the most enjoyable versions of football. The memory of this event will bring tears of laughter to your eyes all the time. Goals are much harder to come by but the laughter just keeps on coming. Get your Binocular football experience today!


Binocular football - What to expect

The game of Binocular football is basically played by 2 teams with 5 players on each side, and the aim of the game is to score at the opponent’s nets. But mostly you will be kicking empty air and bumping into each othe. Goggle football ball possession becomes difficult and so does scoring. But 2 minutes into the game, you will forget all about scoring as you will be busy keeping the ball in possession and avoid accidentally falling over. Imagine seeing your best mate, who is the best footballer in your squad, reduced to a fumbling slow moving target as he trundles along trying to find the ball that is right there at his feet. The game can last from 60 minutes.Book in for Goggle Football today!

If you are looking for fun time playing a new game that will help you bond with your mates, then try out binocular football. You will surely come back for more fun.


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